Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some dance and other things on the internet

I made this for EDAP last summer and thought I should post it here. It is in no way exhaustive, the world and the internet are very large places. The internet, however, is more easily searchable.

Some general goodness:
John Berger -Ways of Seeing

Ira Glass - from This American Life
On Taste: (talking about radio and TV, but I think it applies)

Great Sites

Sarma - a great site of dance criticism from Europe
[It can be a bit tricky to find things, oddly. I’ve found stumbling around to be the way to go - just following curiosity (as in many things.) Here’s some that I’ve bookmarked:]
– Jeroen Peeters - Living together on Stage
[This lists the critics - if you click on the one you want, and then on “texts” you’ll get everything that’s on the site for that author. For example:]
[The letters on dramaturgy are particularly good.]

Martha Graham (New York,  1894 –  1991)
Merce Cunningham (1919-2009) (New York)
Yvonne Rainer (New York, Current- but most active as choreographer in 60's / 70's)

Pina Baush (Germany, 1940 – 2009)
Le Sacre Du Printemps (Wuppertal Dance Theater) 
Meg Stuart (Brussels, Current)
Jerome Bel, (France, current)
huge amount of video of work and him talking about work: (kind like directors commentary)
some  hightlights:
About "Last Performance"
Sasha Waltz andd Guests (Berlin, Current)
Dave St Pierre (Quebec, current)

Ame Henderson/Public Recordings (Toronto, Current - Double Bill #1 collaborator) 

kg Guttman (Montreal, current, Double Bill #2 collaborator) 

Jonathan Burrows (UK.Brussels, current) 

Other places to find interesting work:
Festival TransAmerique - Montreal Festival:
Impulstanz - Vienna Festival:
TanzimAugust - Berlin Festival:
Jacob's Pillow (upstate new york):

for many more  Canadian go here: 
Candance Network
[I haven’t much all of this (recent find), but it looks exciting.]

[Just found thing recently, but looks like an attempt at some of the things we were talking about]

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